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Corporate Resume of Amerivet Solutions LLC

Federal Contracts Won

Dept. of Interior (Bureau of Reclamation)
Award# R10PX17155
Award# R11PX17630

Award# FA875110P0132
Award# FA852412P0003

US Army
Award # W91YTZ10P0609
FedBid Buy# 201936
FedBid Buy# 983232
FedBid Buy# 231147
Award# W91ZLK-11-P-0384
Award# W91ZLK-11-P-0274
Award# W91ZLK11P0600
Award# W91ZLK11P0759
Award# W911S611P0205

Award# SPM7M8-11-M-4053
Award# SPM7M1-11-V-G985
Award# SPM7M1-11-V-E597
Award# SPM7MC11M6624

Award# SPM4A6-11-M-LQ62

Prime Contractor Projects

Project dates 1/10 to 6/10

Getinge had power cables that were installed into high heat environments and experienced problems with power cord damage. They needed a way to better insulate three wires for each cable. Power cord needed a four foot long piece of shrink tubing to provide additional insulation over each wire to provide sufficient insulation before insertion into cabinet. There was no way to slide the heat shrink over the wire easily.

Amerivet Solution
Amerivet engineered an inexpensive, very quick means to do this. The shrink tubing was cut to length and fed onto rigid fishtape and a loop of wax coated cord was tied to the end of the fishtape. The loop was then hitched to the end of the wire and pulled taught. This allowed the shrink tube to be easily slid over the wire and shrunk to proper size. The completed cables then were packaged and sent to Getinge resulting in a totally satisfied customer.

Ultimately this engineered method replaced the inefficient internal method previously employed, saving Getinge 100% in labor costs.

Project dates 6/10 to 6/11

L3 GCS needed a less expensive way to have their BUC and LNB product lines modified for use in their SatComm radios.

Amerivet Solution
Amerivet took over the purchase, modification, and “Just In Time” delivery of these products. L3-GCS gave no product procedures, only verbal instruction. Amerivet promptly created written procedures and kept on file in a protected electronic document system that only allows the most recent revision to be used. Amerivet then worked with L3 Purchasing Manager and Amerivet’s vendor to ensure that enough product was delivered to its Rochester NY facility to be modified so as to meet L3’s production schedule. The parts were modified according to the now documented process and all test paperwork was matched to the proper units and packaging.

As material was needed by L3, Amerivet delivered it on time every time. L3 was completely satisfied with Amerivet’s performance when surveyed, acknowledging savings in excess of 15% due to overhead carried by Amerivet.

Project dates 7/10 to 8/10

IEC had a work overflow situation and needed a local firm to deliver nearly 2,000 cut and coiled hanks of twin axial cable to spec.

Amerivet Solution
IEC delivered the material on consignment to our warehouse facility. Amerivet Solutions provided the machinery to measure, cut and coil the cable down to 30 meter hanks +/- one inch in order to meet mil-spec. The coils were given a set outer diameter that had to be small enough to fit the IEC packaging, yet not too small that the cable would be broken internally. Originally the coils had to be tie wrapped. IEC changed the requirement to stretch wrap. Amerivet responded quickly and delivered the product within the time IEC needed it. They were packaged daily and sent to IEC where they were used for a federal government contract.

Amerivet delivered all shipments to IEC on time, every time. As a result of this customer satisfaction Amerivet has since acquired add on orders when IEC needs them.

Project dates 7/11 to present

Sigma needed Tyco tubing cut to a length of 0.16” +/- .02”. No one would take on the project because the material was easily torn as it passed through a tube cutting machine. They needed 96,000 pieces over 3 months for a first run.

Amerivet Solution
Amerivet designed a manual jig that reproduced the parts within spec with near perfect consistency and less than ½” of scrap at the end of processing each tube. Each lot of 32,000 pieces were cut and checked for quality by a micrometer.

Sigma is pleased with the product and is still ordering these parts as needed. Had this method of tube cutting not been engineered by Amerivet, Sigma would have had to do it in house at much greater expense and consigned it to their own production which would have consumed much needed resources and been of unreasonable cost.

Project dates 7/11

Honeywell needed fast turn time to do precision rework on mil-spec switches. They needed over 400 parts reworked within a week.

Amerivet Solution
Amerivet reworked the all of the parts on time, after sending a digital picture of the first piece that was done to the Honeywell Quality Engineer that was in charge of the project. No defects were found in the first piece or any subsequent pieces.

Honeywell was not only happy with the quality and turn around time of the parts, but was pleased with the pricing that they received. They saved over 50% in house labor cost.

Additional Capabilities of Amerivet Solutions

•Analyze make/buy scenarios to recommend whether or not to produce or outsource a product for a manufacturer.
•Determine best capital equipment to purchase based on current and growth need of a manufacturer.
•Educate workers in a factory to be multi-functional for best overall factory performance.
•Show agility methods to adjust factory size for both surge and drop in business output.
•Balance a factory workforce with temporary, part time, and full time workers.
•Program manage, multifunctional groups to achieve project goals.
•Operate at systems to component level to perform DFM work with Engineering and Manufacturing.
•Provide product line purchasing channels that are “Best Value” to company projects.